Monday, April 18, 2011

The Arts and Culture

It is important to introduce children to different forms of art at a young age.
The arts make children exercise their brain by providing them with different ways of thinking.
One of the sole purposes of the arts is to look at something: a performer, picture, statue or listen to poetry and think outside of the norm and to truly look at the image.

The arts help both adults and children learn about other cultures.
Since moving to New York City Leilani has been introduced briefly to all types of new cultures,
street artist, Tibetan monks, and Jewish folk dancing just to name a few.

I'm always on the look out for a culture enriching experience for my family. By experiencing the arts of a different/ new culture you can tell what the culture is/was going through, their customs, what they view as beauty and so many other things.
A man singing Ray Charles's Hit the Road Jack outside the Guggenheim 

Tibetan Monks and a snow lion at the American Museum of Natural History

Above is a video of the Monks at the museum during a performance my daughter and I watched.

Some ideas to introduce your child or yourself to new cultures:
  • Museums are often times a very culture enriching place to go.
  • Books about different cultures or books for children that show a child from a different culture doing everyday things.
    • This will help your child see that all people are different but have can be the same and differ at the same time.
    • This can also help your child raise questions that they may have not had the option to ask otherwise
  • Videos online, however these can be misleading if from the wrong source so be sure to check its a reputable source.
  • Movies, personally I don't really like Disney movies but since this is what most children watch you can explain through the movie that people come from all over the world and have their own set of values, customs and beliefs.
    • You can take it a step further and cook foods from the culture, dress up, or have your child draw a picture.
    • You can also find other movies that are more culturally enriching for your child and you!
Remember to try and be as UNbaised as possible when it comes to life but also when it comes to introducing your child to new concept and something as sensitive as culture.
One of my many pictures from Spain