Friday, April 22, 2011

Earth Day can help your house

In honor of Earth Day the kids and I stayed inside...? I know not really Earthy but hey it was way too cold to do anything else and they wanted to stay in. Plus the weekend is already BOOKED with adventures to be explored.

Although we did stay inside I did once again explain to the kids the importance of taking care of our environment; from our homes to the environment at large and everything in it. I showed the kids The Wild Thornberrys the old Nickelodeon show about a girl whose family travels the world filming animals and she has the ability to talk to them. They loved it and it showed them these animals in action.

As parents our jobs are to raise smart, caring children that are aware of their surroundings. Teaching your child about the Earth can be fun and rewarding for the rest of their lives.
I personally believe that we, as humans, don't realize how much pressure we put on the planet and how easy it is to be "green."

I taught Leilani and nephew a while ago the impacts of throwing garbage on the ground both at home an outside. I explained to them that if they threw/throw garbage on the ground animals can eat it, become sick and/or die and that as humans it our job to care about our world around us. I told them that planet Earth is home to all animals and that just like they(the kids) wouldn't want people to throw garbage on them its important that we dont do it to animals.

Central Park
I was shocked how quick they picked up the concept and how it carried over to the house. 

Instead of throwing paper or other misellanious pieces of garbage on the ground they put them in the garbage. This helped then want to clean up after themselves.
The next thing that I taught the kids about was turning the water off as they brush their teeth and taking showers instead of baths. I told them that fish and other water animals live in water and need as much water as they can get. Likewise taking baths is both time consuming and waste alot of water.Both of these things help the planet but your pocket as well. These little changes can lower your light and water bill! :)
Other changes you can make are paper over plastic. This can help your pocket as well because some grocery stores take up to ten cents off your bill for each paper bag you use. Paper bags are also easier to store in the kitchen instead of the usual mess of platic bags under your sink! That we ALL have.
If you are really feeling Green you can bring your own bag. A great idea is going to the craft store and decorating your own tote bag, this can be a parent child project as well :) The only problem I have with bringing my own bag is, bringing my own
I know it sounds ridiculous but its true :)

Another ways to get in the spirit of going Green is reading them books about Earth day with their favorite characters ,which can picked up at your local book store for as little as $3 dollars. Or you and your child can plant some flowers. If they see you care and so does their favorite character then they want to care too! :)
Thanks for reading once again and if you have any Green ideas share :)

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