Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Extra Curricular Actvities

Extra Curricular activities are an important part of life for parents and children a like.
Extra curricular can be a time for you as a parent to sit back and relax for an hour while your child dances, draws, plays a sport or whatever activity they, and you, choose.

Through this activities children can learn:

  •  how to be part of a team
  •  how to follow directions, 
  • discipline
Some reasons to get your child into something when they are younger are:
  • You can try different things to get their "thing"
  • Help them make other friends outside of school or daycare
  • You can meet parents with similar interest and morals for their child(ren)
  • Places sometimes offer combo classes which is basically a 2 for 1
    • which can save you money and gives you more relaxing time

Putting your child in an extra curricular activity at a young age can also help them in the future. If your child learns from a young age the importance of their activity they maybe less likely to participate in negative and risky behaviors. You could also look at the extra curricular as an investment. Since everything that we do for our children is to better their lives and future paying for an activity now could save you big money in the future in the way of your child earning a scholarship.

YES its true activities cost extra money but are worth it.
Remember if you have money for candy, beer and /or cigarettes give these vices up before you completely rule out activities for your child.
Then you both win will in the long run; you and your child get healthier and your child is having fun!

If activities are truly out of your budget you can:

  • Try to arrange a neighborhood "league"
    • Talk to parents in the neighborhood about getting together and doing this
    • If you are interested in earning an extra income you can try to turn it into a small business for you
  • Take advantage of trail classes
    • a lot of places offer trial classes so take as many as you want!
    • this is especially helpful for families with multiple children
  • Try looking up recreation/ community centers
    • they sometimes offer free activities or have them at a big discounted rate
  • Volunteer
    • try and see if you volunteer if the activity can be discounted or comped for your child.