Thursday, April 21, 2011

Flying kites

Today I took my daughter and nephew to fly kites in Central Park.
The fact that the weather was windy made today the day for such an occasion.

This was the first time we all flew kites in NYC and rode of the Central Park Carousel.

This got me thinking about the importance of giving your child your undivided attention at least once a day. All though some of us spend the whole day with our children and some of us work the majority of the day. Its important to sit down with our child(ren) and give them the thing the desire the most in this world, our attention.
It can be the first thing you do in the morning, if you are fortunate enough to wake up with your child, you could climb into their bed and cuddle them for a while and wake them up slowly. This also a great way to start the day. This way when you have to run all your errands: do laundry, clean and cook, you know that you gave your child your attention first thing in the morning. You can also let it be the last thing you do before you go to bed. Reading your child(ren) a bed time story has so many benefits its almost silly not to.
The benefits of reading to your child are but not limited to:
  • You get to spend time with you child
  • They learn the importance of reading
  • Can help them develop their vocabulary
  • Help them use pictures to help develop/read the story
  •  Help you relax because lets face it after a long day you don't want to play tag, you would rather lay in bed
  • Can teach them about all the wonderful things in the world
  • Help ease the EPIC bed time battle, if your child has a book to look forward to then they may not fight you as much
Personally I use bed time stories for all of the above but also as a way to bribe my daughter into getting into bed earlier. I tell her, for example, if she goes to bed at 8pm she gets 4 books, if its 9pm she gets 1 and 10pm means no book, this way she wants to go to bed earlier for her books.
Having sit down "formal" dinners or breakfast can help you spend time together and you can talk to your child about their day and sit at the same time.
Just always keep in mind that the one thing you don't get back in life is time. This is your time to spend as much time as you can with your child because in a few years you're going to be the annoying, embarrassing parent ;) So take advantage while they still think you're the coolest, most interesting person in the planet.

Carousel Ride

Remember to value all things in life :)
Thank you for reading!
Remember you're awesome!
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