Thursday, April 14, 2011

My First Post

My name is Gloria Malone I just turned 21, my daughter, Leilani, is 5 years old and we live in New York City.
This blog is about mine and my daughters experiences and adventures in New York City.
We used to live in Florida but after life confirmed with me, in not so subtle ways, that Florida was not the state for me we moved to New York City.
Since moving to New York City life has been so much better. My daughter and I are spending a lot of quality time together, I am learning a lot about myself as a person and a mother, and learning and always adjusting my parenting methods. My daughter is learning that family comes in all different shapes, sizes and colors, how to use the subway and all people are different and beautiful even if they aren't so nice.
My daughter is loving the city and everything it has to offer as am I.