Saturday, April 23, 2011


I just finished watching the Rugrats Go Wild with Leilani and nephew an I must say cartoons/ shows that "we" used to watch are sooooo much better than the ones out today.

Its important to remember that what your children see is what they can possibly reenact. Don't get me wrong my daughter and nephew have caught a scene of Family Guy more than once, ( I know, I know that's really but I try to monitor what my daughter watches as much as possible. An while it felt great to watch The Rugrats again it felt even better to watch it as an adult and a parent and see that the cartoon is really about enjoying life, family and friends. Concepts I'm sure we all what our children to be aware of and take part in.

Some other positive shows I remember watching as a child that I wouldn't mind Leilani watching are:
* my daughter watches the shows and/or has books about them.

I'm sure there are a bunch more but its way too late to be blogging and trying to remember old shows and watch my grammar all at the same time! :)
Just remember only give your kids the best! From education to food and everything in between.
Good Night !