Saturday, May 21, 2011

Au Pair?... Nanny?... OH!

When my daughter an I are out  people always look at us, well STARE at us.
I know what they are thinking: They look a like but there is no way that she's her mom or the little girls parents just did a good job at picking a nanny.

On the park I watch the reactions the other parents/nannies have when Leilani calls me mommy and I reply. It can be very comical.

However, no one, until the other day, ask me if I was a nanny or Au Pair.
The kids (Leilani and my nephew) an I were on the subway to the aquarium and we were practicing our Spanish flash cards when a German man asked if I was an Au Pair.
Me: No (with a half laugh)
Man: Oh...
Me: She's my daughter and he's my nephew.
Me: Yes
Man: Oh her father must be South American or something?
Me: No he's Mexican and Caucasian
Man: Oh...
Then we started talking about New York City.

Although some people would think that I should be offended at the man's prying I wasn't. I've experienced a lot worse. There are moments where I stare back at people and simply bark: YES! before they even have a chance to ask.

Sometimes I say things just to mess with people in the case of the women at the bus stop that went on and on about how she was very glad and relieved that they, the kids, are not mine and that I'm too young to have kids and girls today and blah blah blah.
Imagine her surprise when I interrupted her lecture/ rant to tell her they were both mine and that they were 10 months apart because, I just couldn't help myself.  The all so predictable response of  "... Oh... well..." soon followed and I grabbed the kids by the hand and moved away from her.

First off lady, why are you relieved and or glad? I don't know you, my life and my child's life don't effect you or your life. In fact I'm going to get on this bus and take my kids to the Bronx Zoo then down to Central Park while you sit there and digest what I just told you.

If you're a teen mom don't let others degrade your mommy title and if necessary bite back, that's what moms do. Stand up for themselves and their child. Truth be told sometimes people ask for it.
If you're not a teen mother work on being a bit more polite when speaking to one, just because I'm a teen mother doesn't mean that I need to answer your, often times rude, questions or that I have to be polite.
Thank you for reading :)