Thursday, May 5, 2011

Clean Up, Clean up, Clean Up the Environment

Today the kids and I went over to Central Park and took part in their Pitch in and Pick up program.

I've been looking for volunteer opportunities for the Leilani, my daughter, and I to do since I've become a parent. Some opportunities require day and or hour commitments that can be unrealistic for a parent and child. So when I found the walk-in opportunity I jumped on it right away.
We arrived at one of the various visitor centers located throughout Central Park which I had no idea doubled as a Recreation center. Upon arriving the lady in the center was very kind and gave us gloves, bags and a trash picker up stick thingy to pick up garbage with.

I used this as a lesson to express to the kids the important role we play in the "circle of life" as well as the personal responsibility we have to the planet. The kids were really excited to pick up garbage and know they were making a difference in their immediate environment as well as the world. They talked about how Dora( The Explorer) and Diego help clean up the environment too and how they, the kids, were now doing their part.

Along our garbage cleaning path we also found worms and mushrooms! Two things the kids haven't seen in person before. They found both things interesting and I explained to them that worms help clean and recycle the soil and that mushrooms are a fungus( I don't really know the purpose of
After we were done we went back to the Rec Center and the woman there had two certificates waiting for the kids that said they helped clean up Central Park!
We stayed at the rec center and check-out some of their FREE sporting equipment and played around the center and park a bit. I also taught the kids one of my favorite past times, JUMP ROPING!!!
I didn't realize how hard it is to teach jump roping, the time and rhythm that goes into it all. After giving some advice, while being annoyed and getting impatient, the kids jumped 4 time with out messing up! Not bad for first timers although I think their still a bit too far from double dutch.

I am so glad that I found the rec center. My lack of finances have kept me from being able to buy sporting equipment for the kids and knowing that I can go check out a bag full and play with them makes me really happy! Recreation Centers are also a great place to pick up information about free and exciting classes, tours and events for adults and kids!
I already have some things lined up for us to go back and do some new things to try and blog about in my other blog:
Not only does picking up garbage help teach the kids the importance of being good to our planet but it also helped with an impromptu lesson and adventure.
Volunteering is great way to:
  • Help humble you and your children
  • Teach your child about the topic you are volunteering for
  • Meet new people/ families with similar interest
  • Find something new to do with your kid(s)
  • Help raise responsible level headed children
I am still on the look out for volunteer opportunities that I can take my daughter along on.
Once again thank you for reading and check out my YouTube channel: which has a video of the kids talking about the importance of cleaning up our environment.

This channel also has a few videos about my daily First adventures, that can be read about in my other blog: