Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Curly Hair

The other day Leilani told me something that meant a lot to me. She looked at my hair, which has been really unkempt lately, and told me: "Mommy I love your curly hair. Its so pretty and curly."
This means a lot to me not only because it was really sweet of her to tell me that but because it means that she finds "untypical" beauty, beautiful.

I finally started wearing my hair natural-full-time- after my high school graduation. I was sick of having to take out a whole day to wash and dry my hair, so it could be straight and have the Florida humidity attack it once I walked out the door. So I gave up on perms and started trying new products out that would allow me to wear my hair curly. At first my family thought it was "cute" then they begged me to get over my "ridiculousness" and then they finally realized what I had realized long before them. My curly hair is ME, it shows more personality it shows I have "spunk" and courage.

Of course along the way Leilani heard my family calling me hair crazy(in a bad way) and/ or ugly. She picked up on these things and began to believe them too.
I've been trying to her that all people are beautiful even if they don't look like the picture on the TV or the person in the magazine. Of course the people on the magazine are woman that either look like a blonde 10 year old boy or a sexed up curvy woman and neither of them have "crazy" curly hair like I do. My daughter's hair is wavy/ curly and for the longest she didn't like or embrace her curly hair because all the images of beauty she saw were skinny woman with straight hair. She would even tell me that curly hair was ugly and that it wasn't pretty. I was shocked at this! Her an I both have curly hair and her saying that curly was ugly was her saying we were ugly! I asked her if she thought she was ugly and she said no, I asked her if she thought I was ugly and again she replied no and then I pointed out that we both had curly hair. She thought about it for a minute and said:"Mommy we're both beautiful."
I knew she still didn't get it fully an ever since then I made it one of my, amongst many other, mommy missions to show her unconventional beauty is beauty.
So for my daughter to tell me on one of my worst hair days that she LOVED my Crazy (in a good way) CURLY hair and that it was sooo beautiful.
Made me sooo happy and proud to see that she got the unstated lesson and that she began to believe it!
Shes begining to embrace her hair and see that curly is beautiful and its mommy and her!
Thank you for reading!