Wednesday, May 18, 2011

How time flys!

I know I know you guys are probably sick of my posting about time and all but I can't help it. This morning as a laid in bed trying to sleep I turned over and smiled at my frequent bed intruder, my daughter, she of course was sleeping peacefully and as I looked at her I couldn't believe it. This five year old girl was once a tiny 8 pound baby that I would balance on my lap to breast feed and do homework at the same time. She's now almost four feet tall and is a functioning human being, I know that sounds silly but when kids are babies they're... well... babies. They rely on you for everything and now my five year old "functioning human being" is pouring her own juice, talking out her own problems with her cousin, solving problems and often times reminding me that we have "that at home, we don't need another one mommy" when we are at the grocery store. Then it amazes me how much of a difference 5 years can make. I never thought when I was ten that I'd be pregnant in five years nor did I think at 21 that I'd be a single mother, living in NYC and going to a great college at the age of 21! Its just bizarre to realize how half a decade sounds like soooooo much but really isn't anything. Think about it, if you're a mother, how it seems like you just had your child and, if you don't have a child, how quick high school went by and now you're looking for colleges!
I'm getting blown away all over again just thinking about it and I'm tired because I gave up trying to share my bed with my daughter at 4:30am and I'm hungry, so I need to go feed myself and my five year old "functioning human being" and my nephew 
Thank you for reading!
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