Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I Wish

I realized the other day as my daughter picked her wedgie in the middle of Central Park I wish I could still do that. Then it got me thinking of all the things kids can do and not get in trouble, truly judged or have second thoughts about doing so, so as I observed the kids I began making a mental list.
The first one on the list was of course:
  • The wedgie pick.
Now we ALL know that sometimes our underwear rides up and you try to do a little dance to get it out or, if you are really daring, the quick pick which is about 50% effective. But sometimes you were just want to pick the dang thing out and not worry about who is looking.
  • Next, pick my nose.
Yes I know gross I even think its gross, but hey there are sometimes when you just need to. Now I'm not talking about sitting for hours and picking your nose, or picking and wiping it on whatever is around but an effective quick pick WITH an I repeat WITH a tissue around.
  • The ability to say No when asked if you're okay.
Often times I'm asked are you okay, and respond yes. Why?, because somewhere along the growing up timeline no turned into yes and stayed. Sometimes I wanted to yell NO, NO I'm not okay. Which leads me to my next secret envy of children.
  • Honesty.
Now don't get me wrong I'm not saying that my daughter and or nephew are the most honest kids on the planet. What I am saying is the fact that they speak their minds. My nephew has a way of, at least once a week, giving me the feeling that I want to disappear. With out meaning to hurt someones feelings he says things that are obvious to everyone else but you just don't say them. For example, Wow! You're really black or shes big, right tia? Or my daughters famous: Look her/ his hair is crazy, right mommy? This one I would like to use especially when people are surprised at the result of a dumb act or move.
  • Cry when I'm tired
I know sounds childish but sometimes you are just so tired you want to cry. When I'm up late at night studying and have the test in the morning and still not getting the material, on top of all the other things on my mind I just want to cry. Why? No not because I think it will help, but just because I want to that's why.
  • Express exactly how you feel regardless of how it sounds or the outcome.
Now this one I will say I used the other day and boy did it feel GREAT!
Often times I keep things in FOREVER, no I'm not exaggerating, this I know is not good and only leads to more build up and frustrations but I still do it. On the other hand my daughter will come to me with a problem and even though its no crying matter or not even a problem at all she tells me. She doesn't care how silly it sounds or how it will make me feel she just expresses how she feels.
I guess I should take up after my daughter more and express how I feel more often.
  • Say I love you with out fear
I don't know if this is just personal or what but I wish I could say I love you with out fear. No fear of what will be the out come, not needing to hear it back and just saying it. Now don't get it wrong I'm not a love crazed fool but I will admit that I don't even say I love you enough to my sisters and those girls are my most favorite people in the world. So I need to and should say I love you more to my loved ones.
  • Color for hours and have everyone tell me that my art work is beautiful
The above pretty much speaks for it's self. I wish I could jut color and drawl for hours and have people Awe at my "art work" even if it is nothing special

Thank you for reading and if you have any other ones please share :)