Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Quirky Things I Love about Her

You cant see her angle kiss but its there :)
  • Her "angel kiss"- she has what some people call a strawberry or birth mark on her forehead on the top of the bridge of her nose and I love to kiss it!
    • I call it her angel kiss because one of her grandfather's  passed while I was pregnant with her and I say that he kissed her there and sent her down to "us"
    • Its her trade mark :)
  • The next thing is her soft snore!
    • I think its the sweetest thing in the world.
    • It makes me want to stay in bed and just listen to her snore. It also helps me fall back asleep when I'm having difficulty doing so.
      • I do mean her SOFT snore because her LOUD snore wakes me up...lol
  • The fact that she talks in her sleep.
    • Its pretty funny when I listen to the things she says
      • She'll yell at me or her cousin orsay really random things that make no sense at all.
    • She sometimes YELLS in her sleep which wakes me up and isn't too cute lol, but it is funny.
    • On night she yelled: "My tummies going to EXPLODE!!!" Why? I have no idea hahaha lol

    O bAM oBAM o BAM
  • Her little "go to dance"
    • She shakes her little hips and "snaps" her fingers and sings a little song! O bam o bam o bambam bam lol too cute *_*
  • The way she says certain words
    • Closet, is pronounced Close- It
    • Family, is pronounced FamOlee
  • Every morning when she wakes up the first thing she say is:
    • Buenos dia!!
  • She still ask for me to craddle her like a baby
    • Which I always do because she's going to grow out of that soon :(
  • This ones not really quirky but
    • Her feet- I think I love them so much because they are the first thing that I saw on her when she was first born on account of I was holding her upside down when she came out lol.

Just a few, but some that I love very much *_*
Thank you for reading and love the unique things your kids have or do because it makes them, them!