Thursday, May 26, 2011

Random thoughts

My poor blog I feel as if I have abandoned you, but fear not I haven't lol!
I've just been really busy with the kids and my other blog and trying to stay awake!
However all is well. Leilani continues to amaze, amuse and astonish me everyday. In fact this morning she said something to me that she has never said before: "I've had enough cuddling." This little comment shook me to the core. I know I'm dramatic but someone has to be ;)

I couldn't believe she said that to me. I was still in bed trying to convince myself and my body to go back to sleep after her BUENOS DIA of the morning, then she sat on my bed, instead of climbing into it, and looked at me. I basically had to pull her to cuddle with me and after she finally did and she was "done" I, being a baby, said NOOOO come here I want to cuddle and she said: Mommy I've had enough cuddling! So again me being the mature adult mother that I am said: FINE! and rolled over.Then I quickly gathered myself and made her breakfast lol.

I couldn't believe it! She told me she had enough cuddling! I hope she doesn't make it a habit... lol because then I'll be really sad.

Then today she wore her Flamenco dress and heels that I bought her back from Spain and she was loving all the attention she was getting! I looked at her and noticed how tall shes getting and how beautiful she really is. I think that I, as a mother, often times take my daughter for granted. Why do I say this, well because I see her everyday so I don't always STOP and LOOK/ admire her as I should, at least in my opinion. As I said before in my other blog I don't know how people have more than one child. I'm trying to jungle equal time between my daughter and nephew and that's hard!
The weather is also getting a lot better here in NYC so we have been outside a lot lately soaking it all up! :)

Lately I've been every moody... lol for various reasons but I'm glad that I have the ability to always come back to happy! That's the most important thing, to be and remain happy. For the longest I wasn't able to do this and I'm glad that I am now because its very rewarding and refreshing its true what "they", who ever they, say life is too short to be in a bad mood.
Okay I'm all done now. I have to get a shower and get ready to wake up and do it all over again tomorrow :)
Thank you for reading and thank you so much for being patient with me I promise I will be better as I am going on vacation soon so I will have ample free time!
Thank you and I finally changed my settings so you can post comments freely on both of my blogs! This one and