Thursday, May 19, 2011

School Fustrations!

I'm writing this blog during an emotional fit so please bare with me.
I am just so upset at the fact that I have no money, I'm trying to get into school but the process of getting in is expensive when you have NO money! I had to put a $100 deposit down which I did but took for the $300 that my sister sent me then I have ANOTHER test for Baruch but in order to pass it I pretty much have to buy this CD-ROM that's $50! I know $150 dollars isn't really that much but I also have a $800 credit card bill that I ran up when I was leaving Florida and when I got to NYC in order to live. I KNOW I don't have it that bad I have a wonderful family that supports me in everything I do but, I feel like a BUM when I can't always do for myself! I've never really felt this way because I've always had a job and or savings to fall back on but this time I don't so I'm having a little moment. Then even if I do get the money from somewhere, most likely my family once again, I don't have the right computer to study on because my notebook doesn't have a CD Rom slot thing! My father can get me one to studying on but by the time that have the CD and the computer I will have only 1 or 2 days to learn the material. Its just all very overwhelming on top of everything else in life. I get no child support for my daughter and despite the common misconception that ALL teen mothers LIVE off of the state and or government I don't. I also need to get shots for admissions and with no insurance, that's right I don't have Medicaid or care or whatever, and not having money to pay for shots.
Okay now I'm don't being a baby because I know and I'm confident that everything will work out. Life is great an if I can even be sitting here on the computer with my healthy daughter on my lap typing out my frustrations I am so blessed I need to just shut my mouth and carry on.
That's enough Debbie Downer for a day, now I'm off to forget my tiny "problems" and have fun with my full of life daughter and nephew! :)