Monday, May 9, 2011

Shoe laces, teeth and monkey bars

These last few days I've been in awe with Leilani. I can't believe how big she is getting. Shes gotten taller, uses her words in more advanced ways and is fitting into clothing that was once too big for her.
However, the changes that have left an impact on me the most are:
 shoe laces, teeth and monkey bars.

Leilani, as you probably read before, lost her two front lower teeth. Her losing these teeth was just the beginning of realizing how fast and big she is really growing. The other day we were at the park and she did the whole monkey bar set all by herself!
No help from me, no cries for help, no failing down mid way, just her doing it all on her own, like a true big girl! Perhaps the next thing is what made the biggest impact on me.
She. Tied. Her Own. Shoes. (!!!)

I couldn't believe it we had been trying for a while and today she did it!! She was so happy and so was I! After tying her shoe she looked up at me, smiled triumphantly and showed me her gap tooth smile,
I melted!
This little girl, this amazing little girl is all mine! She's so intelligent and I can't believe it. Shes come so far from the over sized, big eyed, bald baby to this tall, skinny, long haired doe eyed little girl. All in a short five years!
Shes also pouring her own drinks with no mess, helping me do dishes and wanting to mop the floor and do yoga with me!
I CAN wait until she gets older, but I'm so excited and anxious to see how beautiful,intelligent and the type of person she will be towards others and most importantly herself.

Parenting is a job that always pays and continues well beyond the "18 years" its a gift and a job that last a life time. So get in there do it well and remember your child(ren) are a reflection of you.
What I mean by this is that if your child isn't behaving the way you want them to, then maybe you aren't teaching them the way they want you to. All kids are different and learn and respond to different things. Learn your child's way now so parenting and the friendship you build can last a lifetime!