Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sorry TIME

Sorry I haven't blogged in a while I've just bee really busy as other mothers can understand.
The kids an I have been running around the city and getting into every and any free adventure and event. I realize that I am one of the lucky few that can spend ALL of my time with my daughter and it reminds me that all of my hard work up to this point has been well worth it. Time is one of the most precious and non refundable things on this planet especially when it comes you and your kid(s). I say you and your kid(s) because we, as mothers, NEED to take time out for ourselves in order to be the best that we can be for ourselves and children. If  you aren't on at the top of your game you aren't giving your child the best you, you can give.
When my daughter was first born I was so overwhelmed, busy, and stressed that I would forget a lot of things but the most important was to eat. I was doing everything else that I felt I had to do and forgetting to do the basic human act of eating. The result was me feeling dizzy, forgetful, tired, easily upset and not producing fulfilling and nutrient rich breast milk for my daughter. Here I was doing my homework, going to work, doing chores, laundry, chorus performances, attending necessary plays for drama and just about anything else you can think of but because I wasn't taking care of myself I in turn wasn't taking care of my daughter. I finally realized something had to change after coming to in the dinning room after one of my famously quietly kept fainting spells. I was in the dinning room peeling carrots to make my daughter homemade baby food and looked down and realized I was holding a knife and leaning against the wall passed out while my daughter was sleeping in her crib.
I was shocked! What if I had fallen on the knife? Nobody else was home it was just my daughter an I. I was upset, but mostly with myself. Here I was trying to do everything right and forgetting me. I'm not saying that I changed my ways right away, because certain type of change take more time but I did change. I "got better" STARTED eating and in turn was not as tired, forgetful and easily upset and most important I was producing healthy fulfilling breast milk for my daughter.
As mothers we rush through what we need and get right to what our kids need and want not realizing that we are the "way" to our kids.
My crash realization was tough to handle but after that point I was no longer passing out and I felt better because I was taking care of myself and took time to sit and eat a quite meal, even if it was only five minutes. Those five minutes of quiet and food kept me going but most importantly they were MINE. Something that is hard to say and have as a mother especially a new mom and a teen mom at that.
I must admit I still ignore myself fro time to time but I got/get "selfish" and get my time!
Remember to take time out for yourself because it not only benefits you, your child and the relationships as well!
Thank you for reading and TAKE TIME FOR YOURSELF!!