Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Too Much Suagr Mommy

Some of my sisters especially Raven, the oldest, likes to tease me about being a "health nut". Personally I don't think I am, I just like to eat healthy foods, try new foods and different exercises methods. Because I watch what I eat I also watch and monitor what my daughter eats and make healthy food choices for her even if she may not like them.
Today my efforts paid off!! My daughter hasn't eating pudding in months because I replaced pudding with yogurt and my personal favorite Greek yogurt, so when she saw that my sister had pudding she asked for some and I let her have one. Half way into eating the pudding she came to me and told me that she did not want the pudding because "... it has too much sugar mommy." I was so pleasantly shocked, because even when I used to buy pudding for her I would buy sugar and fat free so her taste buds got "trained" to less sugar.
Then the other day she and my nephew were offered bite sized Oreo cookies and she said no. I was so shocked and proud of her then of course my sister, Raven, jokingly teased me for raising a "health nut."
What I'm trying to say in a long winded post is that when you make healthy choices and place them upon your children your children themselves will start to make their own healthy choices which can last a life time. Just think about it when your child(ren) was a baby you wanted to make sure they had the best formula to help your baby develop correctly and be healthy too. Some, like myself, choose to breast feed because breast milk is the best milk, so why start to feed them "junk" when they get older?
Don't get me wrong sometimes I come to find that my "healthy" choices aren't so healthy and I'm shocked, but I'm also happy when I make these discoveries because it means that I am conscious of what I put in my mouth and that now I can find a truly healthy choice.
Eating healthy can seem like a HUGE task to take on but taking small steps can lead to BIG life long changes. I started to pay attention to labels and nutritional information when I finally realized, abruptly, that I really needed to lose weight. At this point I was up to 160 pounds and was eating horribly. Some small steps that I made were just normal things I should have been doing all along.

Small steps to help you and your child(ren) get started:
  • Wheat bread instead of white
    • Wheat bread has whole grains which keep you fuller longer.
  • Stop or reduce all the condiments!
    • I used to basically DRINK BBQ sauce, not a good look
    • Condiments are often packed full of unnecessary calories
      • What I did to help replace condiments was season and let the food marinate better and longer. This way there was a lesser need for condiments
  • OLIVE oil
    • Olive oil is better for your blood system, heart and brain while some other oils are just fat
    • Olive oil can also replace butters and or margarine
  • Choosing labels that said less sodium, low fat and or no sugar
    • Sodium keeps and traps extra water in the body and leads to long term health problems like diabetes
    • Low fat just sounds good. Less fat means less fat! :)
    • No sugar is what I looked for when buying pudding, snacks or juices for my daughter
  • Juice VS Drink
    • I often say Dave Chapelles stand up/ skit about juice vs drink.
    • Buy yourself and your kid(s) JUICE not drink
    • Drink=Sugar. Juice= Fruit Juice
    • One of my favorite fruit juices are Bolt House Green Machine and V8 blends
      • Both of these juices have both real vegetables and FRUIT juice in them.
      • This can help you and your family get the necessary daily fruits and vegetables
  • Read your labels and do your own research on what a healthy diet should be.
  • Drink plenty of water and skip the energy drinks
    • Energy drinks are NO BUENO, they are full of sugars, calories and addicting
    • At first I would drink Powerade Zero. This sports drink has Zero calories and zero sugars which is healthier however, I now drink Coco Nut water.
Thank you for reading and remember that what you feed your children now is what they will eat for the rest of their lives, so continue an aid them with a healthy start to life. If you have any healthy choices share them with me I would like to hear new ideas and suggestions.
Thank you for reading!
Please remember that I am not a doctor, dietitian or nutritionist and that the above things are only suggestions that I used. Please do not sue me! :)