Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hot dogs will make you FAT

A few days ago Leilani and I went to a friend's birthday party and of course there was BBQ. When Leilnani was young she had a horrible experience with hot dogs which left her throwing up for hours at a time so she, to this day, will not touch a hot dog. I've also taught Leilani that eating things like hot dogs, hamburger,chips and other things of that nature are unhealthy choices and are okay in moderation but not all the time.
While we were at the BBQ Leilani an I had rice and chicken instead of the hot dogs and chips. However, the other children that came later only had the option of hot dogs and chips.

After we left the birthday party and we were driving back to my sister's house Leilani was telling me all about how she told the kids that they were going to be fat and unhealthy. Me, half listening to her, didn't quite catch what she said and asked her "What did you say," trying not to laugh.

She told me: "Remember those kids that were eating hot dogs and chips? I told them they weren't making healthy choices and were going to get fat because of the food they were eating."

I was mortified and kind of glad at the same time. I was mortified because Leilani had told these kids this while they were simply trying to enjoy their meal and because of the way she told them, but I was happy because this meant that she was listening to what I have been telling her for so long.
So this posed the question to me: "How do I teach Leilani how to make healthy choices and inform kids her age about them with out being rude?"

I still haven't found the answer to this question so please help lol.
Thank you for reading! Sorry its been a while