Tuesday, June 28, 2011

WOW! what an insightful day.

I've been working on not letting ANYTHING bog me or my day down. Why? Because why should I? I am lucky enough to live and not have to worry about being overtly oppressed or harassed. The day before the Tsunami hit Japan I got some really bad financial news. I mean really bad and when I heard it I got mad I let it effect my mood and then I told myself okay time for bed, time to let it go. So I did and then when I woke up in the morning I saw the news and was a bit disgusted at myself. Here I was worrying about money while people were minutes away from having their lives literally washed away by a tsunami.
These last few days have been a bit stressful as you know I am unemployed and living with my father, which I choose because I needed time down, dealing with trying to get my daughter into a good school and trying to find out how I'm even going to pay for school at all, amongst many other things.
Anyhow I stopped myself and began to enjoy life again and let go.
Its amazing how much you can learn if you just listen and center yourself.
All the answers you need in life are with in you. Especially as a mother your intuition is off the charts so listen to it.
I had to remind myself that I'm a teen mother. One of the toughest and most determined people you will ever meet in your life is a teen mother. I'm part of a group of young women that decided to not let society effect them or sit and wait for a hand out.
I'm a fighter and through my fight for a better life for my daughter and myself I will succeed.
If you are a teen mom and going to school, work or do both or if you are thinking about going back to school or work congrats to you too. Don't give up and even when you feel you are alone you are not and you too are part of the courageous young moms.
I'm not sure what I'm trying to say with this post. However, I do know that I centered myself and got answers that I couldn't have gotten any where else. I've learned that if you can not truly control it then let it GO! I was stressing about all the things that I listed above and then I just let it go. Things will work themselves out so don't stress about it.
Tomorrow is my orientation at Baruch, I'm excited.
And today after I had a nice sit down with one of my best friends in the world I came home left my phone inside and took my daughter to the park. Leaving my phone at home was one of the best things I did all day I got to full enjoy my daughter and not be distracted at all.
 Okay I'm done rambling i have to go cook :)
Just remember don't give up!
You're not alone!
Listen to yourself :)
Thank you for reading