Friday, July 29, 2011

Awww pencils

So my daughter is going to be starting kindergarten this year and I am finding that I am having a difficult time dealing with it all.
I'm the type of person that worries all the time about anything, especially my daughter. If you haven't read my post about her first day at daycare you should so you can see how much of a nut case I really am,

I remember freaking out about my daughter going to school when she turned four. I mean I was going through it, I cried and everything and everyone told me I was being ridiculous and I had a years time so not to worry. So here we are a year from then and every time I see school supplies or anything I get into my "awwww" stage and even my daughter tells me to stop.
The other day we had those small milks that you get at school and my daughter asked me what that was, because she had never seen one before, naturally being the sensible adult that I am I said: " Awwwww omg these are little school milks and you're going to be pouring them all by yourself soon and..." Before I could get another emotionally erratic statement out my daughter said: Just pour it mommy!
Even when we are at department stores and I see the back to school supplies I get into this trance and keep saying: aawwww, its all very strange and will get better as the first day of school date approaches... I hope...