Friday, July 1, 2011


I am so glad that I made major life altering decisions because they are paying off in leaps and bounds so far!
I went to my Baruch College orientation and left pumped, inspired and ready to take advantage of all of the wonderful opportunities that are coming my way. Upon arriving at the orientation I was a bit overwhelmed and intimidated I think that sometimes I feel like I'm not "supposed to be" in places that many young adults let alone a teen parent never reach in life. However, I literally have to talk to myself (in my head of course) and say that my thoughts are nonsense and that I earned the right to be "here" and where I am in life. After my silent much needed pep talk I had some danishes and coffee they offered and found a seat. This was the first college orientation I had ever attended and really didn't know what to expect. After the presidents of a few clubs spoke the Dean of the School of Public Affairs, the school I ant to go to, took the stage and this guy inspired the crap out of I know not the best choice of words but... :)
If I graduate speaking like him I can end up ruling the world. (Which I have zero intention to lol but it would be nice to speak like him) He had me ready to sign up for classes and be on time and just fully take advantage of all that Baruch college has to offer.
After one more speaker, who's title slips my mind, we were off to the most important part in a transfer orientation. The credit transfer evaluation! This is the part when you see what credits transfer to the new school you are going to attend.
I was worried about how many credits would transfer especially since the two people next to me weren't too happy when they saw how many of their's transferred. However!!!! When I got mine I saw that 51 credits transferred and I got credit for a business course that I took ! I was PUMPED I mean here I was thinking I was going to have to start all over but now I only need 69-73 credits to graduate!
After asking aboutt a million questions and signing up for classes, I went over to the Baruch Health Center and got one of my mandatory shots needed to attend. Then I was off to get Leilani, my daughter, from the sitter.
On the subway back home I was on cloud nine!
Here I am a single teenage mom, from a family of immigrants, lived moved from tiny town of Apopka, Florida going to one of the best business colleges in the city/ country. The mayor, governor and several CEO's of top companies frequent the college and hire students from the college all the time! I'm like in heaven!
I think that ONE thing that stops teen parents from making life changing decisions is fear. I was terrified of moving back to a state(New York) that I had lived in before. To be honest I asked everyone and anyone for advice because I was so paralyzed by fear but like I said before the best guidance you have in life is the tiny voice of intuition. I followed my intuition and man has it paid off!
Don't let fear or the stress of hard work stop you!
Think of it as an investment. Education is one of the investments in this world that WILL give you a good Return On Investment.
The big picture is college is only 4 years of your life. If you give YOURSELF four years you and your family will be better off for DECADES to come. I understand wanting to be around your child every moment of their lives. I cried and almost got into an accident because of the blinding tears wen I dropped my child off for the first time at daycare but it was NECESSARY so I could graduate high school for us and it didn't stop there after school I would come home kiss her and go to my part time job at Taco Bell. If you have graduated from high school then you are already half way to a brighter and better future. Some trade schools only require 18 months!
What I am trying to get across in a short/ long winded post is: If you are thinking about going back to school stop thinking I MIGHT and think I WILL!
If you have a reliable and responsible person that can watch your child take advantage of it!
If you don't look for one its important to. Make arrangements and try to even fit one or two classes into your schedule.
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Thank you for reading and remember being a mom is one of the most demanding jobs in the world and being a teen mom is a lot more difficult. Being a teen mom already makes you fighter! So FIGHT for your future and the future of your child(ren).
A few years of "roughing" it will ensure that you and your family will not have to "rough" it anymore.
One of my goals in life is to not have my daughter watch me struggle as I watched my parents struggle.
Okay I need to get ready to go to the aquarium with Leilani and one of my best friends! :)
Thank you for reading!
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