Saturday, July 9, 2011

Giving back money

Since moving back to New York City I have had a series of events/misfortunes happen to me financially.
I landed in New York City with little to no money and a heavy heart, two things that are very hard to have at the same time but can also serve as a very important learning tool. 
To sum it up quickly I had a large some of money coming my way through various sources, but for reasons that were out of my control , bank errors, dishonest people and life, things didn't come through as planned or needed. 

The other day my daughter and I were at the grocery store and the woman in front of us dropped a quarter. My daughter saw it and asked if she could pick it up. I told her yes and then she asked me if she should give it back. I was curious to see what decision she would make so I told her it was up to her. To my delighted surprise she choose to give the quarter back to then woman. The woman, like myself, was surprised she was giving the quarter back and told her she could keep it but my daughter told her "It's your money, you keep it." 
 I was so proud of my daughter :') and still am!
Later that day as I was getting back from a yoga class I  wanted to get a protein shake but decided not to because I literally have to watch ever penny I have and decide very carefully what I want to spend it on. Granted the shake is only $3 but I deiced it wasn't a necessity and didn't get it. I continued walking and saw a woman drop some cash as she was walking outside of the bodega, connivence store, I watched her as she walked away then I stopped her and told her in Spanish that she had dropped her money. Shocked, she turned back around and I picked up the money to hand it to her. When I had the money in my hand I realized it was a pretty impressive stack of $20 bills, probably about $200. I simply handed her back her money and kept walking. As I was walking I couldn't believe my luck. Here I was broke, in debt and handed back this woman a stack of cash that she was just going to walk away from. Why did I do it? Because it was the right thing to do and everything you put out into this world rather it be good or bad comes back to you, multiplied. 
As I was telling my sister the story she said "Yeah, you could've kept the cash but I know you. You would've went home and felt like crap because you took something that wasn't yours and because your daughter made a more moral decision then you."

Lead by example in all things you do in life:)
Thanks for reading!