Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Making friends

One thing I have always been really worried about since moving to New York City is how will Leilani make friends. At first, and still now, I was very protective and didn't even want her to play with the neighbor kids that my father has known for years. I still remember the first time I let her go out and play in the hallway with the other kids. It was Thanksgiving day and my younger sister and father told me to stop being so over protective and let her go. I, of course, said no and came up with numerous horrible excuses as to why she had to sit inside and watch me cook... ridiculous I know. However, after looking at her sad, lonely little face and realizing she hadn't played with other children for far too long I agreed. Her face lit up and she ran for the door. Of course I was a nervous wreck and checked on her numerous times or would snap at my sister for not watching her play.

The one thing that did comfort me was that my daughter was ready to try something new, get to know other children and her new environment instead of just sitting inside all day. While she was playing she would also stick her head back inside the door smile and say "I'm okay mommy!" with a huge smile on her face and then run back and play.

Then yesterday Leilani went over to a friends house to play for a little bit, before we were going to head over to my school so I could talk to an academic adviser. When it was time to go I went to the friends house and told them she had to leave "No, please no," they both begged "can she stay and play, please?" My initial reaction was no but the grandmother, who has known my father for about 15 years and is very nice, stepped into the room and said she could stay. I explained to the grandmother that I was going to Manhattan and before I could keep talking she stopped me and said "Go, she'll be fine. You have nothing to worry about."
So I left. Its funny because it seems that as she grows I grow too.
When I got home the whole floor was filled with children playing and having fun. It was even one of her friend's birthday and they asked for her to stay out a bit longer so she could sing happy birthday and eat cake. Of course I agreed and watched them hold hands and run to the little girls' apartment.

Don't get me wrong I'm still a crazy over protective mama and have my reasons to be, who doesn't? However, I am glad that she is making friends and learning how to socialize and realize when mommy says its time to come home that its time to come home.