Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Meet Maile Hender

Maile and Gracie

Maile and I have known one another since the fifth grade and I bet we were both equally shocked to realize we are teen moms today.

My name is Maile Darah Hender. Im 21 and I have one baby girl. 
How old were you when you had your daughter? 
I was 19yrs old when I found out I was pregnant, 20 when I delivered. 
Who was the first person you told? 
 First person I told was my older sister because honestly, even though I was engaged to my boyfriend of 3yrs and at the time living together I feared whether he was gonna be excited or run for the hills. 
Were you using any type of birth control? 
The only protection we were using was birth control, shocker I know:):) 
What was your biggest fear? 
My biggest fear was, Omg! can I really do this I'm still only a kid myself?. 
What was it like losing your teen life? 
As for losing my regular teen life, I lost my childhood when I was 13yrs old. I had to be an adult very early and I've been on my own away from home since I was 16yrs old so the only difference was my free time would now be devoted to my baby, no more whatever, whenever which was easy to adapt to considering my daughter stole my heart before she even took her first breath.

Maile is now a single mother living in Georgia. She enjoys her family and of course spending time with adorable baby Gracie.

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