Sunday, August 21, 2011

Meet Mercedez

Call you tell us a bit about yourself?
My name is Mercedez, I'm nineteen years old and I have 1 child.

How old were you when you had your first child? 17
Who was the first person you told? My Ex Boyfriend
Did you use protection when you were sexually active? Not always.

Did you think you would be a teen mom? Never in a million years, even when I was having sex.

What was it like losing your normal teen life? I really didn't party or anything before, so it wasn't really as hard.
All moms have fears what was your biggest fear as a teen mom? Not making it through school.

So were you able to complete school? How? Yes, by the grace of GOD and good support systems.

That's awesome! What was is it like going to school during and after your pregnancy? Normal. I was a pregnant senior while there were pregnant freshman, so it wasn't a big deal.

Did your friends stick around like you thought they would or they said they would? Yes, the real close ones.

What was the hardest thing about being a teen mom? Just feeling like a disappointment to my family.
I know what you mean. A lot of people think don't think that teen moms have feelings and worry about how their pregnancy can affect their families, but we do.

Do you feel more pressure as a teen mom to prove yourself in all aspects of your life? Absolutely!!

Did you get a job after having your child? Yes, I continued to maintain the two jobs I was working while pregnant.

What do you think is the reason girls become sexually active early is? Peer pressure, desire to fit in and just trying to experience life soooo fast.

What advice do you have for teens that are thinking about being sexually active? Use Protection, you do not want to raise a baby in this corrupt world.

What advice would you have for teens that are feeling pressured to have any form of sex?  Just to wait. It’s not all its cut out to be and if not, Protect Yourself!!

What about teen moms? Don’t bring anymore babies into this world especially if you are not able to provide for them!!

What would you tell them about life after the initial shock and what to do to get ahead?
It is a very uneasy feeling knowing your young and going to have a child to provide for. Not knowing how things are going to change drastically with your friend’s family and school. I would just say don’t give up. There have been several teen moms to make it above the stereotypes.

How did you deal with people ridiculing you for being a teen mom? I didn't deal with all that.

What was the biggest shock to you after having your child? How happy but sad I could be all at once.
That's a very good point.

What is the one thing you couldn’t go without while pregnant? Support!

What is life like today? It has its ups and downs but I can’t complain I'm more than blessed.

What are your plans for the future? As of now my major in school is Political Science. Once I graduate I'll either pursue becoming a governor/senator or be a teacher.
That's amazing!

Have you thought about how to explain being a teen parent to your child when that time comes? Yes. I plan on enlightening him on the huge sacrifices I had to make with him and how I bettered myself in several different ways to provide for him and myself.

What will you do to ensure that your child doesn’t end up a teen parent? Stay On His ASS! (Laughing) I'll just preach to him on how hard it is and just pray he'll do better than I did.

How do you feel about shows like Teen Mom? Some people feel that it shows the true life of a teen mom and keeps teens from becoming teen parents. While other people say it makes the life of a teen parent look easy and encourages teens to become sexually active and parents.
In my opinion I feel like that show kind of glamorized being a teen mom. I mean it does show how difficult things can get but these little brats are on TV. Which pregnant teen wouldn't want that??
I agree I don't think the show is at all an accurate representation of the life of a teen mom.

What is the one thing you think teen moms need more of? Common Sense, A lot of the girls I know got pregnant to keep the man around and don't have a clue about what being a parent is all about.

What do you think is the common misconception about teen moms? They'll be supported by the government, never make it and their child will fall under the same statistics! They're frowned upon honestly 

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