Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Patterns of a Lost Father by Jordyn Lewis

I met Jordyn through Maile and she is an incredibly strong young woman. It is no surprise that it is very easy for some fathers to walk away from their child(ren) and never look back. However, there are those that like to make cameo appreances that seem to hurt more then help and eventually are forgotten all together. I think this poem captures that cycle beautifully.

Patterns of a Lost Father
By: Jordyn Lewis
There’s a turnabout, a turnabout
Watch him fall again, him fall again, and fall again
When he begins to move, begins to move, the directions same
Although there’s been chance, after chance, after chance…
He’ll never change his stance, his stance, his stance
Even when the song’s the same, it stays the same, it never changed
Still the excuses come in tune, stay in tune, a dreadful tune
In his heart he fails, his heart it fails, he failed
Still he believes there’s change, believes there change, when there has been change
Only thing is though, the thing is though
Her years are passing by, still passing by, before your eyes
As moments fade away, they fade away, quickly fade away
His feelings stay the same, stay the same, stay the same
Watch him try again, just try again, and try again
You’ll see his dance will change, his dance will change, his dance will change
Lack of love remains the same, it stays the same, stays the same
Making him so lame, him so lame, so very lame
I’ve done my part it seems, my part it seems - yet
Importance never brings, it never brings, no never brings
Hope for him another day, another day, or any day
Until the day he learns, he finally learns, and understands
It will be too late, very late, oh way too late
And his heart will break, his heart will break, yes,  his heart will break
For he’ll miss his loss, he’ll miss his loss, he’ll see his loss
For she’s everything, just everything, the only everything
That means anything, ANYTHING
In this whole wide world, my entire world
He still thinks he will change, he thinks he’ll change, thinks it means a thing
Yet it stays the same, it stays the same,
Will always be the same
Until it’s been too late, far, far too late
And he’s forgotten.

More of Jordyn's writing can be read on her Facebook page at Jordyn's writings

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