Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Pompous security guard!

So today I woke up and continued my nonstop momentum since being home from vacation. I went down to my school, Baruch, and had to meet some of the on site day care facility staff and drop off some more paper work. When I got there I got a horrible splitting head ache and could barely keep my eyes open, however, I got through it because of the wonderful staff.
After that I decided to go try and meet with an adviser I have been trying to meet with for far too long. As usual I had Leilani with me and we went to the building where the advisers office is. In the front there is always a security guard, this time it was a POMPOUS ASS! I walked in said good morning and asked if he wished to see my student ID since it is required. His reply "You know this is a child free campus, no kids are to be on campus." I apologized I said I have never had a problem before, I've taken her with me all over the campus and have never been told that. He looked at me like I was lying and kept quiet. Mind you I have my horrible headache still. I looked at him just like he was looking at me and told him " What do you want me to do?! I can't leave her downstairs like a dog while I go up there." Let me call someone was his response.
At this point I should have just walked right passed him and into the elevator but decided to keep my cool. I informed him while he was on the phone that this was all a bit ridiculous and unwarranted. He did like that too much ...lol and when he hung up he proceeded to ask me: Where I was going, what I was going to do, how long I was going to be, and my two personal favorites; If I was sure I was in the right place and if I was even a student at Baruch College. ... Really? Did he just go there. Did he have to go there? I informed him that  I was a student and reminded him that I had a student ID I offered when I first arrived and also told him the floor I was trying to go to. He took my ID and asked me if... wait for it... my daughter had an ID...? I told him he was now beyond ridiculous and proceeded to the office of the adviser.
First off as a society have we really gotten to the point where children aren't allowed to go public places with their parents? I mean airlines are banning kids and now this guy behind a desk is both interrogating me and being blatantly condescending? For what reason? None, whats so ever. When we finally got upstairs the women in the office were very nice and did shriek at the sight of a child.

Thank you for reading!