Sunday, August 28, 2011


As we all know as mommies and daddies it is our job to raise awesome kids! My definition of an awesome kid is pretty vague but it does include being GREEN and environmentally conscious, that is why we recycle!
First let me say that recycling does NOT make you a "hippie" or a Green "freak" it just means you recycle. Everyone recycles for their own reasons, some states give cash for returnables while others don't and some people recycle because of the positive effects it has on the planet.
The latter is the reason why we recycle.
Leilani has really gotten into recycling and everything else that comes along with being Green.
She will make sure the recyclables go into their own separate bin but that's about it she wont take them out. Lol.
Some ways to help your family go green are get educated!
Go to your local bookstore and by your child a book about going/ being Green. Leilani's favorite Green book is Fancy Nancy: Everyday is Earth Day.
Recycling is very easy to do and it FREE, so why not do it and help the environment.
You can often times request a recycling bin from the city you live in by going online to the cities website.
You can also just use any bin you have laying around and if all else fails you can go purchase one from you local hardware store.
Remember to check you cities website for the pick up days as well.
Join us and GO GREEN! Why? Because it's awesome!