Thursday, September 22, 2011

Club Fair

On Thursday, after calling a character from the required reading a "boy toy" in the middle of the class discussion, I went to my first ever college club fair.

I really want to take full advantage of the position I'm in right now. In high school I didn't get involved at all, I didn't even attend my prom and I only went to one homecoming dance which a hated the whole time I was there.
High school was different for me. 
I was a new mom and "wife" and didn't have time for "high school shit" I had real world problems and situations to tend to.But now this is college, in one of the greatest cities in the world in one of the best colleges in the country, it's real life and it's right now.
The relationships and connections I make now are going to impact the rest of my life.
This is why I went to the club fair and signed my name on every sign-up sheet that looked remotely interesting. I signed up for tae kwon do, women in business, American Cancer Society, the newspaper, transfer club, student government, internship program, Eco club, a "fitness" club and just about anything else you can imagine. I am going to get involved! I need to and more importantly I want to!

Even though New York City is a populous city you can feel very isolated, which I have felt at times. I want to meet new people, make connections, make friends and joining clubs is the best way to do so. Another great thing is Baruch has designated club hours, this means no classes are during club hours. I am at full liberty to get involved and that's exactly what I plan on doing.