Sunday, September 4, 2011

First day at Baruch College

After all my crazy emotions and the official first day of school canceled due to hurricane Irene Tuesday was my first day of school. Do to life I had to take a year off of school so I had a lot of reservation, expectations and just over all a lot going on in my head.
Over all I wish there was more to say but the first day of classes was good. I got to class like 15 minutes late, there was no desk for me to sit in and I had a quick paper to write after reading two different passages and that was it.
I know not too fun or exciting but... lol
I did have homework and when I got home and read the paper I was pretty impressed that my brain STILL WORKED!!! When class met again I was impressed at hoe much I picked up on and how much I missed at the same time. Lol.