Sunday, September 25, 2011

Religion... in the park?

Today while I was at the park with Leilani I saw that a women had approached Leilani and was talking to her. Before I could get up, from my bench, and see what was going on the same women was walking towards me.
She approached me with a smile and asked me if it was alright for her,  Leilani, to get her face painted. I looked at her and wondered what she wanted with my daughter and then I read her shirt logo that read: Something, Something Christian Something. I was still looking at her when, she sat down next to me on the bench and explained that she was part of a Christian group doing "ministries" in the park. I kept looking at her to encourage her to elaborate on what she had to say. She went on to say that Leilani could get her face painted after she listened to some bible verses, was taught some Christian principles and did some arts and crafts under the tent.
I smiled back at her and kindly replied "No thank you."
This women looked at me like I just slapped and spit on her. Her demeanor completely changed and she said, "So, just to clarify you are saying you do not want her to go?"
"Yes, that's what I said. Thank you."
She gave me one last look, got up and walked away.

First let me say that I respect every and any religion. I have my own views when it comes to religion and I am comfortable with them. That's not to say that I'm not open to hear any other views but I do not wish to have "you" speak AT me.
Now when it comes to my daughter I would rather introduce religion to her myself and then take her to different religious events for her to learn and draw her own conclusions. I do not agree with ANY religious organization "targeting" any child and enticing them with face paintings, or crafts or "stories" before consulting with the parent. The only reason the women came and spoke to me was because Leilani told her that she could not answer her and that she had to speak to me to see if she could get her face painted.
After I kindly declined her face paintings and bible verses she had another child go ask Leilani if she wanted her face painted...!
UM excuse the hell out of you! Didn't I just say no thank you?

Do you think I'm over reacting and that I should have let her get her face painted after Christian lessons and Christian arts and crafts?
Do you think that is okay or not okay to use a park as a way to spread religious views on children?
Please let me know what you all think.


Thank you for reading!