Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Why don't you just get a job?!

Jobs! The topic on every one's mind.
President Obama gave a job speech last night where he asked/ told political parties to put aside their political bias and work together to fix the job problem in America.
Many people unfortunately either hate their jobs, can't find a job or they don't posses the necessary skills to obtain one.

My case is different.

Thankfully I filled out my FAFSA early this year and was able to obtain a work study. For those of you whom do not know what a work study is, it is a program put together by the government to help provide students with a job on campus. The student works the job until the money allocated to them is paid out to them through a regular payment schedule.
The job opportunities serve as a number of the beneficial things to the student. A few of them are but not limited to, having another position of employment they can put on a resume, the opportunity to begin working in their desired field of study, a way to make an income and study at the same time and a great networking tool with the student body, faculty and staff.
This sounds great right?!
All I have to do is work and I know the money will be there because it is in an account for me, so to speak.
However the problem I am having like most mothers, whether single or not, is scheduling and lack of help.
Because of time, scheduling and the failure of the NYC department of education to place Leilani in a school more convenient for us I am required to do more traveling which is time and takes time away from any respectable and realistic schedule I could put together for a prospective employer.

I have always been able to provide financially for my daughter and myself whether through working or living off of savings at times, when being employed was yet again almost impossible.
Towards the end of my relationship with her father we ran into hard financial times which resulted in me naively clearing out my savings and paying bills on my credit card in order for us to get by.
Now I am left with no savings and credit card debt a position, I have never been in and don't know how to handle emotionally. My first instinct to get a job but with scheduling problems and the fact that I am new to the city and only have my father as a form of support doesn't create an environment conducive for work.

The title of this post is actually inspired from my one of my favorite lines that Leilani's "father" says to me whenever I ask him if he's going to pay child support this month. He always resorts to saying:

"I actually work! Why don't you just get a job and stop trying to take my money?!"

His statement is so ridiculous that I don't even want to entertain it but my response to him is, me having a job or not having a job shouldn't influence him being financially responsible for Leilani.
I am still trying to find another department that will be able to accommodate and work with my dysfunctional schedule. I am not going to get discouraged on my job search and will continue to actively apply for all and any positions available on campus.

Thank you for reading.