Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Work Hard, Play Hard

This fitness contribution is from one of my Twitter friends, @Dantresomi, he is a husband, father and Capoeira instructor. I first learned about Capoeira through the video game, Tekken. For those of you that do not know what Tekken is, it is a street fighting game where you choose characters and BATTLE! Lol. I would play Tekken for hours over the summer. Then one day while we were playing I got my virtual butt handed to me by Eddie and his awesome moves, which were all Capoeira. I wanted to get some advice from Peoples about the art of Capoeira and how he maintains in shape with his busy life. The tips he has provided us with are awesome and virtually effortless.

Eddy Gorudo
Work Hard, Play Hard

Raising babies really gets you off track on so many levels. From the time one takes to sip tea while reading a good book to watching a documentary gets shuffled in the everyday hustle of getting your children from place to the other or spending quality time with them. It's called sacrifice and in the end it's worth it. One complaint I get from parents is staying in shape. Let's face it, at the end of the day when we put the babies to sleep we are just too drained to do anything at all but sleep.

As a young blood, I always wished that my dad would play with me whether it was wrestling, playing tag, or catch. That never happened. So when I started having babies, I made sure this was one of the first things I did with them. I started to notice something while doing this. I was usually drenched in sweat and breathing heavily. I was actually getting a nice work out with them. So when I am not training, I maintain my level of stamina, strength, and endurance by playing a number of games.

Jump Rope -- Never in a million years did I think this would be loads of fun. They sell them everywhere and yes we go through so many through so much use. I taught all of my babies how to jump rope. Oftentimes I usually jump rope with one child and when we have the time we run out and do it old school. Now I just need someone to teach us the songs. You can do it inside if you want with one child jumping in front of you. We usually play a game where we see who can jump the most. It's hours of fun and great competition between the wife and me.

Tag/kick the can -- I love this so much. When we go to the playground, everyone else joins in. These games can last for hours and trust me, you will be running miles without evening knowing it. I add a little free running/parkour at the jungle gym/monkey bars for the upper body. Sometimes I go to recess at the children's school and play kick the can. It gets a little chaotic and I tend to run faster but it's still fun.

Playing catch/Dodgeball -- I know folks cringe at the second part but again, fun is what it's all about. The children love every moment of it. It's also a great way to work out.

Wrestling/grappling -- Here is a great way for me to pass on martial arts training while keeping it fun. For those who don't have a carpet (like we do), a bed will do just fine. Sometimes, we go out to the park and play on the grass. I just learned that men who wrestle with their children grow stronger bonds.  Just be a little careful.

Horseback riding/crab walking -- Here it is, my secret to being able to do thousands of push ups and at 38, still able to walk on my hands for days on end. Yes, put in 18 years of horseback riding with 3 or 4 kids on your back and push ups will be no problem. In Capoeira, we do an exercise where we walk on our hands and feet with our stomachs up called "quadro de quatro" and my students call the crab walk. It really works you out. Sometimes, I let the younger children ride on my belly and we race. It's a great workout.

I am sure folks can come up with other games to stay in shape. These are just the ones that we do at home or at the park. The key is to have fun with your children while you are at it so it doesn't seem like you are working out. You will also create memories that last a lifetime and create stronger bonds with your children. Just don't forget to bring water.

 You guys heard the man! Get out there and play with your kids and get in shape at the same time! We loved these tips and hope to get some more contributions from Peoples,@DanTresOmi, in the future. Maybe even a video of him doing Capoeira...? 

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