Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I met Maria through the wondorous world of Twitter. She is high energy, humorous and her fitness certifications are long enough to fill a page. I approached her about writing an article on fitness for us to learn about some different workout techniques. We all want to get healthier and fit into that bathing suit or hot pair of jeans but the thought of doing endless crunches, lifting weights or running for miles is enough to leave all of us scared and or tired. Then the fact that our lives are already hectic enough the very thought of working out seems almost like a myth.
Maria is a certified Zumba instructor and has had her own journey to becoming physically fit. Here is her story.

Growing up in the 1990’s I will never forget many of my school girlfriends having babies and growing up much faster than I.  Prior to becoming an Elizabeth High School Varsity Cheerleader, I was in Dance school and we’d travel every year to dance competitions throughout New Jersey.  I had a busy active schedule, and while my friends were raising their babies and being grown ups I went on to college and other things and now here we are …

A little about myself, after all the high’s and low’s of LIFE I managed to get an Associate’s Degree in the late 90’s from what is now known as DeVry University in Computer Information Systems.  A woman in the Information Technology field in the start of the millennium was rare but at the time I thought I loved my job.  As I mentioned earlier growing up I had a very active lifestyle, however in my twenties that was pretty much put to the side – I wanted to be FREE and enjoy life, before I knew it I was in my thirties and without having any children found myself unhappy with my sudden increase in weight.  What was happening to me?  Where did this weight come from? We all know that with age come many changes and boy do we ladies experience some changes – to my teen readers, I don’t want to bore you but just know that what you do for yourself today will pay off for better healthy tomorrow’s!

To make a long story short I spent my thirties trying every diet known to man, going to the gym and growing increasingly bored and aggravated with the mini step instructor yelling at the top of her lungs like the cheerleader I once was. It was no FUN, but I knew I had to do something.  So here’s my story and how I found the LOVE of FITNESS. In early 2008 I went to the gym because I received a newsletter from my local YMCA that they will be offering Zumba® – the Latin inspired “dance” Party – with the huge slogan “Ditch the workout, Join the Party!” I thought to myself, “hmm… I hate workouts and I love parties, let’s see what this is all about”.  I remember that day so clearly because since it was a NEW class and the attendance in numbers wasn’t sufficient to hold class in their larger group exercise rooms, the girl at the front desk directed me upstairs to their employee “coffee” room.  I recall hearing the music at the top of the stairs, being Latina; of course I am drawn to the Salsa rhythms playing in the distance as I make my way up the stairs to this so called “Latin FITNESS Party”

This is where my passion began. I was in every single class after that day.  It brought me back to my years of dance each and every song was exhilarating and moving.  I didn’t even care if anybody else was watching, matter of fact I don’t think anyone else in the class cared either.  I fell in LOVE with Zumba®, soon after my initial class and losing my first 18 lbs I looked into instructor training fast forward to today, three years later I offer my own classes in my community.  Zumba® has opened my eyes to so many other fun fitness programs that I would have probably never known about today.

As you can see Maria is a determined women. I'm glad to say that she will have more information and advice for us in the near future.

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