Sunday, October 9, 2011

ABC Sesame... I'm Hungry

 Our first best friends are at it again! 

The same cool kids that hang out on 123 Sesame Street are back to educate us, parents and children, on the important humanitarian issue that faces 17 million children in America, food "insecurity." Food insecurity can be best described as children who have limited or unreliable food sources.This means that they have no idea when, where or how their next meal will come.

It's very easy to forget the fact that many of the everyday "things" we take for granted everyday, like food, are really treasures.
These children are not in some far off country where you will never meet them, these children are the ones sitting next to your child in their class rooms. They get up on an empty stomach, got to school on an empty stomach, try to ignore the sharp pain in their tiny tummies while they do their work and then when lunch time comes they are RELIEVED that they can at least count on this one meal today.Children that suffer from food insecurity also suffer from self esteem issues and often times look down while talking.

Meet Lily

Lily is going to be coming to 123 Sesame Street in a special episode to educate us on this issue and hopefully give us some tips on how to help.

If you would like to read so more on how the character was developed you can read the article in The New York Times