Monday, October 31, 2011

Early K Graduation !!

As you all know this year was Leilani's introduction to school.
Although she had been to daycares before this was her first time going to school!!

She and I were very excited about her first day of school  however, the honey moon soon ended.
Since I have been teaching Leilani at home for several years she was more advanced than the other children in her kindergarten class. I didn't want her to fall behind or worse become a distraction in class because she might develop a behavior problem since she is bored with the material.

I spoke to her teacher about this and she seemed like she really wanted to help but with a class of 26 students it would be understandably almost impossible for her to find time to specifically teach Leilani.

When I would pick Leilani up from school I would ask her the famous after school question: What did you learn in school today? Her answer was always nothing or I learned to sit quietly.
These answers did not sit well with me so I went to the director of Kindergarten and First grade and asked that Leilani be moved to the First grade.
After being tested and placing at a mid first grade level Leilani was promptly moved to the FIRST GRADE!!!

I am officially the proud mother of a five year old First Grader!!

Remember Mommies, you can and should fight for your children to always get the best they need and deserve.

This post is a bit dated. Leilani has been in the First grade for about two weeks now. She loves it!