Friday, October 28, 2011

An Effective Resume Pt 1


Your resume is the summation of all your skills, work history and character on one sheet of paper.
This is what sets you apart from several other applicants and is the key to getting an interview.

Without a great resume you will not get the job you want.

About a week ago I had a guest speaker come in to my class and instruct us on how to put together a spectacular resume.

Step 1: Introspection

You need to TRULY ask yourself:

  • What are my skills, ambitions and goals
    • Make a list of your skills and be honest with yourself about what you are missing. If you don't have knowledge and skill with Microsoft Office, get to know it. Technology is here and it's the future. Many employers at LEAST use Microsoft Office
  • What do I WANT to do
    • Do you want to learn new skills? If so, start right now on your own. This shows drive and ambition to YOURSELF which will come across on a resume and interview.
  • What am I willing to do
    • Are you willing to be a assistant for a year or so before you are promoted? 
    • Are you willing to stay late or come in early to make sure the project is done?
All these questions will lead you to finding out what type of company would suite you best.  Companies, just like people, have different cultures.


Yeah I know... you thought your days of research papers and hours of checking if its a reputable source were over but... they're not... they are just beginning. LOL

Unlike dreaded research papers this research should be fun and very informative. You are researching what it takes to get you and your family the life you need and deserve! So reach for the stars!

Pick your desired field and: 
  • Research the top companies in this field. Look at available job openings for the position you wish to attain, in the future. 
    • In essence, research the ideal career position you want.  
  • What are the skill sets needed to fill this position, do you have them? If not get to know them and learn them. 
  • Look for entry positions or internships, some are paid, for the field and or company you want to go into. What skills are needed to attain this position? 
  • Make a chart. 
    • With you on one side and the job on the other.
    • Do you have the skills the job needs?
Very helpful sources for this are and Both of these sites have in depth information about companies and fields.

Know the industry
Study your company

Since writing a resume is a process I have decided to break the process down into different pieces as well. This way you get all the info needed but not all at once so your bored as hell reading a huge lengthy article.
Part 2 is soon to follow