Thursday, October 6, 2011

Free Museums in NYC

Being, as in my case, a single teen mom it can be difficult to take your child(ren) to museums, zoo and events because of the financial aspect.
However as everyone knows anything is possible! This is especially true in New York City where many museums offer admission for greatly reduce prices or completely free during certain times.
If you aren't in NYC you can look up or call the museums and zoo's in your area and ask them if they have anything like this or similar.

Below is a list of the days and times that many of the most popular museums are free. Remember all though they are free and donation is always welcomed and appreciated.

Always FREE:
National Museum of the American Indian
The location is also convenient to Wall Street, the future sight of the Freedom Tower and Battery Park.
Tuesday: 6-8pm
The China Institute
Thursday: 7-9pm
The New Museum of Contemporary Art
Friday: 11am-8pm
Bronx Museum of the Arts
Friday: 4-8pm
Museum of Modern Art
Friday: 4-8:30pm
The Whitney Museum of American Art
Saturday: 5:30pm -7:45pm
The Guggenheim
Saturday: 5:45pm- 7:45. However, the last ticket is handled out to the public at 7:15pm

Other popular museums like:
The Metropolitan Museum of Art and The American Museum of Natural History offer student prices that begin at $12. The admission to these museums is also recommend which means you can pay less then the stated ticket price just let the person at the ticket desk know ahead of time.
In addition to the museums above you can also check out the:
Bronx Zoo on Wednesdays for a donation.
On Fridays head over to the New York City Aquarium for donation based admissions.
The aquarium is in Coney Island and if you stay late enough you can catch the Friday night firework display during the summer months (Mid June- September).
Remember museums and school are not only fun but also very educational at the same time