Friday, October 21, 2011

I Need a Man


I Need a Man (for single mothers)
I can do bad by myself,
I don't need nobody else.
I work day and night
night and day to pay the bills of yesterday.
It's ok and it's all right,
you know I can make wrong right without a fight;
understand I need a complete companion.
I need someone who's down for the grand haul.
I'm talking about that person who will pick me up when I fall.
What you want, isn't what you say!
Your actions speak louder than your words on any given day!
But you're going to play me like the fool anyway!
When I gave you my love and I gave you my time.
But you can't spare a dime.
It's not your lack of funds, but your dead spirit
That's what has me on the run.
I don't have room for dead weight.
Since day one I set it straight.
Why don't you come real, come correct?
Is it that you're not ready yet?
If you would've told me upfront, I would've understood,
that you were a boy, on the threshold of manhood!
Now I must question, if it was just for show.
That's right, I'm getting out this game, but it's a shame.
It's a shame I no longer feel the same,
because my baby still calls out your name.
I'm a single mother and doing all I can.
But I don't need a boy to help me raise a son.
I need a man!

This poem is from Venus Jones, a talented and accomplished Florida based artist. You can read more about her, her art and accomplishments on her: website Venus
You can also preview and purchase her book on