Saturday, October 1, 2011

Meet Ani R.J

I met Ani, by fate, on the subway. She had her handsome little man with her and I could not help but overhear the conversation she was having with another passenger. After she was done speaking to that passenger I moved in and gave her my business card.
The result is a growing friendship and this interview.
Nyleek and Ani

Can you give us a brief introduction about yourself?
My name is Ani and I have a son who will be turning four in November and his name is NyleekI. I had Nyleek when I was 19 and in my Sophomore year at Binghamton University.

Wait! How did you get in college so early?
[Laughing] I was able to skip from 8th to 10th grade. During the summer I had to take a course to get into the college and that's where I met his father. His father had such a charisma about him, that and his ability to make me laugh is what drew me to him.

That's so awesome!
So what were you like before you got pregnant?
I was all over the place; getting arrested, partying, fighting, drinking... you name it.

Wow, how did you find out you were pregnant?It's funny because I was at a friend's house and out of no where I said "I want a baby." I guess it's very true, ask and you shall receive, because I few weeks later my period was late. I remember taking the pregnancy test with another girl who also thought she was pregnant, turns out she wasn't but I was. [Laughing] At that very moment I was determined to have my child and whatever anyone else said did not dis-way me from my choice.

[Laughing] How did people react to the news?
The father was so excited! He used to work at a diner so he would get me all sorts of snacks and treats. Then a few weeks later, out of no where, he dumped me. He said he did not want anything to do with me or the events I was putting on any more.
My mother wanted me to terminate and my father was furious. I still remember him telling me " I was now a ghetto statistic."
I LOVE this picture

Oh my goodness. That sounds like it was a really tough time to go through. You all have come a long ways, right? I mean you are now living with your parents and Nyleek spends time with his father often.Yeah, we have come a long ways. After his father dumped me, while I was pregnant, we got back together and got our own place. We were soon engaged and then he decided to confess a series of damaging news about things he had done. I couldn't take it and we broke up. I got my own place and shortly after graduating college my mother told me to move back in.

You have had quite the journey, which is only beginning. What is life like now and what do you see in the future for the both of you?
Right now I am busy being a super star. I actively help seek out talent and lend my time, resources and efforts in anyway possible. I have met some very talented people who are passionate about their cause and about the mark they what to leave on this world, two things I am always conscious of. My dream is to buy a series of islands and have my own world to share with other like minded individuals. The islands will be a place that capitalizes on the whole hearted talents and skills these individuals have, as the world should be.

Ani is a true Harlem child, born and raised and full of Harlem heart and spirit. She is a multi-talented young mother that surrounds herself and Nyleek with positive and talented people. Ani's writing talent can found at where she wrote a great piece about self education and she recently did a photo shoot. As for Nyleek, he is following in his mother's footsteps and is modeling for Toy's R Us. He is going to be featured in their Christmas catalog, which will be coming out on October 31st. Ani and Nyleek are also learning Spanish.
I am so glad that we met and look forward to doing a lot of work with the both of them.

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