Thursday, October 6, 2011

Quick Saving Tips

One thing people can agree on about me is my ability to save money.
When I have a job and money coming in I make sure to save for moments like this, when I have NO job.
A few things I do to help me save money:


Change, Change, Change and ...Pickles?
Every time you get paid go to the bank and ask them to give you $5-$10 dollars in NICKELS! When you get the change go home, unwrap them and put the change in a good ole pickle jar.
  • Why nickles?
    • Because if you get quarters you'll have no problem reaching into the jar, counting and spending them. The same is true for dimes. Nickles are more tedious to count and a bit more embarrassing to drop on a counter to buy the frappuccino you really could go with out at the moment.
Don't be like him. Lol

A Percentage
When I worked at JcPenney the company had an option to put a certain percentage or dollar amount into separate accounts. This was helpful because it was like I never saw the money leave my check so I never touched it.
  • Find a dollar or percentage amount that you are both comfortable and intimidated to put aside. I say intimidated for lack of better phrasing, what I mean is set a percentage amount that is realistic to your budget while pushing the envelope a bit. If you set the percentage or dollar amount too low then you aren't really saving much.  
  • Now everyone's living or financial situation is different. Some of us have a lot of financial support, some a little and some of us have none at all. 
    • If you are making $250 every week take 5% out every check. This amounts to $12.50 every week and at the end of 3 months (9 weeks) you'll have an extra $112.50! Assuming you work 30 weeks a year and continue doing this you will have an EXTRA $375.00!
Now don't get me wrong I know "Things" and THINGS come up.
The difference "Things" are the frappacino or the shoes you "need". 
While Things are a FLAT tire, emergency shut off notice for a bill, or Tylenol you didn't expect you need to get for you or your child(ren).
The important thing is how to identity and tell the difference between a "things" and a things.

Another things is REWARD yourself, don't let your efforts good unrecognized. I kept my rewards BELOW $20-$15 and I made FRIENDS with the clearance rack and thrift stores, this helped my $20-$15 go even farther. 

Happy Saving!