Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I Made It!!


I MADE IT!!!!! 

I made it through my first series of exams at Baruch College. Although it was technically exam week I feel like it was exam MONTH!!
I started studying once the exam dates were announced and basically neglected any other activities or normal everyday things to ensure I spend as much time studying as possible.

So far I got the exam grade for my Literature exam, an A-, even though that's a good grade I know that I am capable of better. The note that my professor put on my test was that my writing does not convey the same understanding and knowledge that my additions to class discussions convey. I couldn't agree anymore with that comment. 
That's why I am starting to take advantage of any and all courses, meeting and lessons available to refine my writing skills. 
After thinking for a while I realized that I have no "true" language. 
I moved here, The United States, when I was year old...? At home the only language that was spoken was Spanish so I learned Spanish through auditory learning. While learning English on the playground with other children that were new to English whether they were American born, which most if not all of them were, to other immigrant children. As I grew up I moved around A LOT and never stayed in a school long enough to really learn the art and skill of learning how to write grammatically correct English.

I'm not trying to paint myself like some victim because I am no victim, but it was just interesting to realize that.

By Benny Wan
Anyhow! I am very glad and RELIEVED that exam week is over! Now its on to the next thing :)

Thank you for reading!