Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Gray or Stars?

My little girl is growing up so fast!
Tomorrow she is going to have her first picture day!
As we all know picture day is a HUGE DEAL. Even as adults we make it a priority to pick out the perfect outfit, hair style, make up and fall asleep at a decent time to look refreshed for a photo. This is no different for a First grader and super excited mom. We picked out the perfect outfit, washed and moisturized her hair and were off to bed.

I am so excited to see how her photos turn out! Since she lost another tooth recently they will be extra adorable with her gap. Thanks to my father I was able to purchase her school photos to keep "for a lifetime."
Initially when the envelope came home I thought: DAM IT, I have no money but we both really want these photos. My dad gave me the money to get her photos so Leilani and I spent minutes looking at the background she wants.
We all know the background makes the difference. I remember seeing everyone getting awesome backgrounds, because they paid, and me getting the BORING, BLAND gray. I'm not saying that the background make or breaks a kid but its cool to be able to pick a background. I remember not knowing that the awesome backgrounds were only given to the children that were paying and sat down and confidently asked for stars only to be bluntly told, no.

However, I am proud to report that tomorrow Leilani will have a RAINBOW background!

Thank you for reading!