Saturday, November 26, 2011

Meet Tiffany

Tell us a little bit about yourself?

My name is Tiffany. I have two children, JR and Kmaya. I’m a strong, young mommy who is currently  a stay at home mom who really wants to get back to working.

You said you want to start working again, what is stopping you from going back?

My health. I suffer from crippling headaches and need to take medications to keep them away. Although the medicines help I hate the way they make me feel. I feel drowsy and like a zombie when I take them. I can’t be like that when I have two kids and a household to look after.

Oh my goodness, I’m sorry to hear that. Why do have such horrible headaches?

During my first pregnancy everything was going great until I got the epidural. My son was born and after returning back home I had horrible headaches that would literally leave my sight blurry. After feeling especially bad one day my family took me to the hospital. While I was there I had 22 seizures and was in the hospital for the next 3-4 months.

HOLD ON! Wait…what!... Huh? 22?!

(Laughing) Yes, I had 22 seizures while in the hospital. Then I had to learn some of my basic motor skills all over again. I listen to some of the stories my family tells me now and I can’t believe what they tell me half the time. For instance when I blacked out and starting seizing at the hospital the medical staff told my family and myself, while I was seizing, that I was faking it and they didn’t have time for this.

You have to be kidding me!?

No. I couldn’t believe at first but why would my family make that up? What’s worse is during this time I was completely away from my son. I never got to have those first three months with him and I’ll never get them back.

I didn’t even think about that! Who was taking care of Jr.during that time?

My family was. My sister has been a huge help. Thankfully my family understands what I’ve been through and they know that although I want to do things on my own I do need help.

Family support is awesome. What is life like now?

Now I have two bright amazing children and a great fiance. Jr. and Kmaya get along great they compliment one another so well. The cutest thing is that already the protective big brother over Kmaya. I love it.
Although I still get my headaches I remain positive and realize I truly am blessed.

I love your positivity! Where do you get it?

After going through such a crazy, hard time I realized that every moment counts. No one should take anything, any person or moment for granted. I love my kids, my family and the life I have. I know that with my strength and them by my side I’m capable of many things. After my medical problems go away I want to get back to work and school. I want and will make my children proud.

I LOVE it! Is there any advice you would like to give anyother teen moms?

I would urge you to not take medical problems lightly. You never know what it can be! If I hadn’t went to the hospital that day I don’t know where I would be at today. I also advise you to do your own medical research before agreeing to anything. All of the doctors and nurses agree that it WAS the epidural that caused so many medical issues.

Tiffany is obviously an incredibly strong young women and mother. While listening to her story I was BLOWN away. I would have never guessed that she has been through so much. Her story is a reminder of many things. A reminder that we are all BLESSED beyond measure, that we are all stronger than we could ever imagine, that slight things like a headache can be a sign of A LOT worse and above all else to STAY POSITIVE!