Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving Tradition

Making hand turkeys is an unofficial Thanksgiving and  all know that the best way to make a turkey is to trace your hand!
My horrible hand turkey
While making hand turkeys with Leilani one year I decided to turn the unofficial hand turkey tradition into an official one, with a twist. I traced Leilani's hand and then had her give me 5 things she was thankful for, things she was into or milestones she met that year.

I believe I started the tradition in 2008 but unfortunately I lost her 2008 hand. I do however, have her 2009 and 2010 hand turkeys. Looking back I'm reminded that in 2009 Leilani was into Disney Princess's (which I soon "ended" for several reasons) and in 2010 she was thankful for the museums in New York City (This was the year we moved to NYC).

Making annual hand turkeys has become a tradition for several reasons. By making the annual hand turkeys I am documenting and reminded how much she has grown both emotionally and physically in one year.

Eventually I will gather all her hand turkeys and make a book of them. This way when she's 16 and driving or 18 and going off to college we can pull out the book on Thanksgiving, add a new page and look back at how much she has grown.
You and your family can make hand turkeys and decorate them to the style of your family.

Do you and your family have an Thanksgiving tradition? If so share them with us.