Friday, November 4, 2011

The Truth About Coupons 3

This is the conclusion to the Truth About Coupon series.

I hope that you all have read the first and second installment in this series and are well on your way to couponing and SAVING MONEY.

Here is the recap of our coupon series: 

  1. Coupons are cash because the store owner or manager gets cash back or credit from the manufacturer. 
  2. Extreme couponing to save hundreds of dollars is rare.
  3. You can start saving a significant amount with planning and patience. 
  4. Begin collecting coupons and watching sales cycles four to six weeks ahead of time. 
  5. Use a binder with baseball card and sheet protector inserts. 
  6. Start small and collect stock items while considering your family size and shelf-life. 
  7. Watch store coupon policies closely to stay ahead of the game.
I want to give and HUGE and SPECIAL thank you to Ms. Samantha Gregory for sharing such wonderful and insightful information with us all!

Ms. Gregory has also contributed a piece about bulk buying vs. retail shopping, so be on the look out for that!

This contribution is from Samantha Gregory. Gregory is an Atlanta mom, freelance writer, and editor at Rich Single where she writes about single mom money issues. Follow her on Twitter @RichSingleMommaand @Samantha Gregory