Thursday, December 29, 2011

Young Mom Gives More Than Many

When people think about Teen Moms the first thought is usually filled with negative and horrible stereotypes however, not all Teen Moms are created equally, AT ALL!

This young 18 year old mother had a troubled pregnancy that was not typical in the slightest which ended in a bitter sweet story. You can read the article here. WARNING the waterworks will flow.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Paula Patton

Remember my post about the dysfunctional relationship I have had with my boobs?

Well today while I was on Facebook a friend of mine posted that he needed a women like Paula Patton in his life. Naturally I Googled Paula Patton and this is what came up:
Now while I watched this video all I could think was HOT DAM she's HOT! Then I realized she has SMALL BOOBS, JUST LiKE ME! LOL. Then I found out this is her POST baby body!
While surfing around YouTube to learn more about Paula Patton I realized she is Robin Thicke's wife, now I don't know about you all but I love me some Robin Thicke. Lol.

Then I found this video where she talks about getting back to "normal", confident and pretty after having a child.
SEE small bOObies are awesome and so is she of course!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Orlando Teen Mom Event

I have been pretty busy planning the First Annual Orlando Teen Mom Event. Although I am falling asleep as I type I want to provide you all with the URL to RSVP to the event!!!

I'm sooooooo excited and can't wait to see/meet you all!!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

PIzza = a ...Vegetable?

Remember the post I did about Congress wanting unhealthy kids?
Well Huffington Post agrees with EVERYONE but Congress and the major corporations behind calling pizza a vegetable.

They put together a great slide show stating if pizza is now a vegetable then so are Funyuns, vodka and other things. It's actually pretty funny!
Check it out 

Monday, December 19, 2011

Tooth Number...4

The other day while eating a snack Leilani let out a blood curdling scream. I turned around and saw her with a mouth full of blood and she was crying: I don't want it to come out!

To be honest, I chuckled a bit. See, Leilani has had a loose tooth for sometime now. Then I had to remind her that this was going to be tooth number 4 which meant that we have already been through this three times.
Needless to say she didn't find comfort in these words and kept crying.

Finally, after several minutes she finally calmed down. I sat her on the toilet got some saline, a clean napkin and went to work. She was still crying and telling me no but unlike the first time this time went a lot smoother. In between the tears and trying to say no, while I had my had in her mouth, I slipped the tooth out no problem!

This tooth makes number 4!!! I must say that it gets relatively easier but still a bitter sweet reminder that my baby girl is growing up so FAST!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Buy and App, Save a Child's Life

While you shop around and stand in long lines to make your child's Christmas wish come true pull out your smart phone and help change the life of another child.

One of my lovely Tweeps @RuckusMedia emailed me about a great and EFFORTLESS and INEXPENSIVE way to help several children this Holiday season.

Here is an excerpt from the email:

Ruckus Media Group is proud to partner with St. Jude Children's Research Hospital® for the annual Thanks and Giving campaign, a holiday program that asks shoppers to Give thanks for the healthy kids in your life, and give to those who are not,” while shopping this holiday season. When customers purchase any of Ruckus' classic Read-Play-and-Record-Along Rabbit Ears interactive storybooks on the App store (now until December 31st), we will donate 100% of the net proceeds ($1.39) to saving children with cancer and other deadly illnesses.

I hope you'll join us as we make a difference in not one child’s life, but many, by sharing this news with your readers.  We will also be putting our ENTIRE library on sale, with ALL proceeds going to the cause, the week of Thanksgiving, but that story doesn't go public until Tuesday.  We want to change the world, just like you.

Please make this easy and effortless donation that benefits and betters the lives of so many.  

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Me...Teen Mom 2 After Show

Below is the video where you can see my looking HORRIBLE in the Teen Mom 2 After Show taping. Lol.

Teen Mom 2 (Season 2) | Ep. 1 | After Show

Thursday, December 8, 2011

How Broadway Saved My Boobs

Before I got pregnant I was 110 pounds with a barely noticeable A cup. By the time I went into labor I was 185 pounds with a hot 36C cup. I finally had boobs!!! Although they were really Leilani's  they were HOT, big, and only cost me a child. *sarcasm*
I finally had boobs!!!
I breast-fed Leilani just short of two years. During this time my weight was fluctuating and all over the place. Finally, when I was 165 pounds one of my best male friends bluntly told me I had to loose weight. I looked in the mirror and realized he was right.

I decided it was time to start eating healthier and exercising regularly. I was feeling great, staring to look great but there were two small deflated problem, my boobs.
Then they looked like this.
When I finally decided to get breast implants I told all my sisters and they were split about 50/50.
One told me THANK GOD! While the other told me that it wasn't necessary and as I continued to work out the "problem" would go away.

NOPE! I was set... Well ... 80/20 in favor of the breast implants, then I was 70/30. Then one night I went and watched RENT on Off-Broadway.

I don't really have celebrities or a group of famous people I really look up to however, I do IDOLIZE the artist on Broadway and Olympic athletes. I personally believe these performers are the most amazing beings to walk the earth. They are 100% human, passionate, driven, successful, and at the top of their careers (amongst several other things). What more could you ask for in an "idol".

As I was watching the show I realized that most of the women on stage have small breast and they were AMAZING. The amount of energy, emotion and talent that these women gave off was so overwhelming, in a good way. I decided then and there that yeah I have 21 year old boobs that have experienced the life of a 40 year old but who cares! They're mine and I CAN live with that.

I've also been challenging myself more when I work out and lo' and behold my second sister was right. My boobs are no long yuck they look good and I will be keeping them.
And now they look like this
Often times we look at the people/ celebrities on magazines/ billboards and feel if we don't look like them we aren't beautiful and then start to second guess ourselves. Think about Kim. K. Often times I find myself saying why is she even famous? Then I remember oh ...yeah... . Why the hell would I want to look like someone that doesn't even look like her self?
Be mindful of the people you choose to look up to. These people on magazines and in the media are COMPLETELY ALTERED thats why they look like that and guess what they have gotten surgeries and they are STILL UNHAPPY and bitter! Don't be either. Be yourself.

Now I'm not knocking women who have gotten a surgery or two at all. The ones i'm referring to are those that ALTER their entire body and STILL get photoshopped.

Link to Strawberry photos. Link

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Teen Mom 2

I'm going to be completely honest. I didn't/don't watch shows like MTV's Teen Mom for several reasons. Reasons ranging from I have no TV (a preference), I LIVE it and because I don't agree with how the girls act/ are portrayed.
Kailyn Lowry and I 

However, a months ago a got ane-mail in my inbox asking if I would like to be a part of MTV's Teen Mom 2 After-show taping. Of course I would! Lol. I was super excited to be selected for several reasons but above all to be able to meet some of these girls and see if they come across differently in person. In the back of my mind I was also worried about how the input I had to share would be edited or handled by MTV.

I used to think that the girls on the show were all spoiled little bitches that gave teen moms a horrible name and yet again I was BOLDLY corrected. After watching some of the footage for the upcoming season of Teen Mom 2 I began to change my mind and more importantly, open it!

The worst thing I was doing was judging these girls solely based on how they came across on the show, which I never watched. While I was in the audience with several other teen moms from all over the country and the cast of Teen Mom 2 I realized something; I'm doing to these girls what all of society does to me. I was judging them with out reason, with out knowing them and knowing where they come from.
Now I'm not saying that the cast of Teen Mom 2 is full of angles that do no wrong and that the girls are the best and coolest people in the world because I don't know them that well to say this nor do I agree with that statement. What I am saying is, in reality, these girls are not that different from me and my life as a teen mom. While I sat there and watched footage I realized that I could relate to every single one of the girls stories and struggles, why? Because we are all teen moms and although our lives a very different we all walked and are walking similar paths.
(After speaking to all the girls I was pleasantly surprised at how personable they were and listened to what we had to say and our input)

Leah Messer and I 
I also felt that MTV was biased and only showed the bad parts of being a Teen Mom, which lets face it is what most of America tunes in to see. Then I remembered that being a teen mom ISN'T always EASY, FUN or PLEASANT. I feel and people often tell me that I have come a LONG way from where I was as a 15 year old mom with a three day old daughter but the path that led to where I am today was F-cking HARD, NOT EASY, WASN'T ALWAYS FUN OR PLEASANT. In fact it was and has been full with A LOT of fear, tears, relationships lost, unhealthy relationships and trail and error.

I used to also believe that shows like Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2 glamorize the life of a teen mom. WRONG again! Anyone that watches the show and thinks "That's the life I want for myself." NEEDS TO seek the help and guidance of a licensed medical health professional right away!

Don't get me wrong the girls are compensated for their work and some reportedly earn up to six figures a show. To any body, especially a teen, being on TV and earning big bucks does look and sound great.

 I just don't see how ANY ONE can watch these shows and say that's the life they want.

In the end I'm not saying that being a teen mom is always horrible or always great. I'm saying that it has it's ups and downs and in the beginning it can be riddled with A LOT of downs. However, just like anything in life if you want to change your situation you will.
I'm not saying that the girls on Teen Mom 2 are all good or all bad I'm saying they're human! Often times teen moms get more flack for doing something young when "adult" parents can do the same thing but it's "okay because they are parents."
Then lastly I'm not saying that MTV is completely horrible and makes the girls look horrible they are simply putting a story out there that is NOT always great and sadly that's what people want to see.

So what the hell am I saying?! My way of thinking towards Teen Mom shows and the cast of Teen Mom 2 has definitely changed!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Iodine. Who Needs It?


We've all see her before BUT have we read what the statement UNDER her says?
The small text under her reads:
" This salt does not supply Iodine, a necessary nutrient."
Who cares... right? We should care.
Iodine is necessary for growing kids and is vital to brain development. According to Suzanne Dixon a licensed medical public health doctor and a scientific experiment involving children and iodine "... the children who received iodine supplements had significantly greater improvements in the picture concepts and matrix-reasoning tests compared with the children receiving placebo (no iodine)."
To read more about the study click here.

Other reasons to make the change to Iodine include increased metabolism and increase in ENERGY levels. The latter is something we can ALL benefit from.
PLEASE note that Iodine needs to be ingested and taking responsibly. Just like anything else in life too much of something is a bad thing.
This is our table salt. Which reads: "This salt supplies Iodine, a necessary nutrient."

Make sure that the salt you buy and use at home supplies you and your little ones with Iodine.

To read more health benefits of buying Iodized salt read here. You can also read The New York Times piece written by Nicholas Kristof's about the connection between salt and IQ .