Thursday, December 8, 2011

How Broadway Saved My Boobs

Before I got pregnant I was 110 pounds with a barely noticeable A cup. By the time I went into labor I was 185 pounds with a hot 36C cup. I finally had boobs!!! Although they were really Leilani's  they were HOT, big, and only cost me a child. *sarcasm*
I finally had boobs!!!
I breast-fed Leilani just short of two years. During this time my weight was fluctuating and all over the place. Finally, when I was 165 pounds one of my best male friends bluntly told me I had to loose weight. I looked in the mirror and realized he was right.

I decided it was time to start eating healthier and exercising regularly. I was feeling great, staring to look great but there were two small deflated problem, my boobs.
Then they looked like this.
When I finally decided to get breast implants I told all my sisters and they were split about 50/50.
One told me THANK GOD! While the other told me that it wasn't necessary and as I continued to work out the "problem" would go away.

NOPE! I was set... Well ... 80/20 in favor of the breast implants, then I was 70/30. Then one night I went and watched RENT on Off-Broadway.

I don't really have celebrities or a group of famous people I really look up to however, I do IDOLIZE the artist on Broadway and Olympic athletes. I personally believe these performers are the most amazing beings to walk the earth. They are 100% human, passionate, driven, successful, and at the top of their careers (amongst several other things). What more could you ask for in an "idol".

As I was watching the show I realized that most of the women on stage have small breast and they were AMAZING. The amount of energy, emotion and talent that these women gave off was so overwhelming, in a good way. I decided then and there that yeah I have 21 year old boobs that have experienced the life of a 40 year old but who cares! They're mine and I CAN live with that.

I've also been challenging myself more when I work out and lo' and behold my second sister was right. My boobs are no long yuck they look good and I will be keeping them.
And now they look like this
Often times we look at the people/ celebrities on magazines/ billboards and feel if we don't look like them we aren't beautiful and then start to second guess ourselves. Think about Kim. K. Often times I find myself saying why is she even famous? Then I remember oh ...yeah... . Why the hell would I want to look like someone that doesn't even look like her self?
Be mindful of the people you choose to look up to. These people on magazines and in the media are COMPLETELY ALTERED thats why they look like that and guess what they have gotten surgeries and they are STILL UNHAPPY and bitter! Don't be either. Be yourself.

Now I'm not knocking women who have gotten a surgery or two at all. The ones i'm referring to are those that ALTER their entire body and STILL get photoshopped.

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