Saturday, December 3, 2011

Iodine. Who Needs It?


We've all see her before BUT have we read what the statement UNDER her says?
The small text under her reads:
" This salt does not supply Iodine, a necessary nutrient."
Who cares... right? We should care.
Iodine is necessary for growing kids and is vital to brain development. According to Suzanne Dixon a licensed medical public health doctor and a scientific experiment involving children and iodine "... the children who received iodine supplements had significantly greater improvements in the picture concepts and matrix-reasoning tests compared with the children receiving placebo (no iodine)."
To read more about the study click here.

Other reasons to make the change to Iodine include increased metabolism and increase in ENERGY levels. The latter is something we can ALL benefit from.
PLEASE note that Iodine needs to be ingested and taking responsibly. Just like anything else in life too much of something is a bad thing.
This is our table salt. Which reads: "This salt supplies Iodine, a necessary nutrient."

Make sure that the salt you buy and use at home supplies you and your little ones with Iodine.

To read more health benefits of buying Iodized salt read here. You can also read The New York Times piece written by Nicholas Kristof's about the connection between salt and IQ .