Friday, December 23, 2011

Paula Patton

Remember my post about the dysfunctional relationship I have had with my boobs?

Well today while I was on Facebook a friend of mine posted that he needed a women like Paula Patton in his life. Naturally I Googled Paula Patton and this is what came up:
Now while I watched this video all I could think was HOT DAM she's HOT! Then I realized she has SMALL BOOBS, JUST LiKE ME! LOL. Then I found out this is her POST baby body!
While surfing around YouTube to learn more about Paula Patton I realized she is Robin Thicke's wife, now I don't know about you all but I love me some Robin Thicke. Lol.

Then I found this video where she talks about getting back to "normal", confident and pretty after having a child.
SEE small bOObies are awesome and so is she of course!